For the Children, By the Children

Whether your child plans to compete in the national speech & debate championship or pursue her passion of reaching out to the world through her YouTube Vlog, middle & high school is the time to sharpen her public speaking skills.

Tej Singh, an Ivy GuruKul student, runs a weekly talk show for his school, The Stanford Online High School. He has decided to share these interviews with the Ivy GuruKul community through which he hopes to inspire students and parents alike.

Check out some of these interviews via the YouTube Links below:

1. John Sculley, the legendary CEO of Apple (1983-93) and President & CEO of PepsiCo (1977-82), Tej asks Mr. Sculley for advice for high schoolers.

2.. Dr. Ben Carson - Retired Neurosurgeon & Candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election Republican Primary.

3. Jeff Dean - Senior Fellow at Google. One of the most renowned coder and artificial intelligence experts (most likely highest paid too). The running joke at Google is that when Graham Bell invented the phone, he had a missed call from Jeff Dean.  

3. Alan Eustace - Ex Sr. VP of Knowledge @ Google & World Record Holder for the Highest Altitude Free Fall Jump.

4. Chris Capossela - Chief Marketing Officer @ Microsoft.

5. Aditya Agarwal - VP of Engineering @ Dropbox.

6. Admissions Officers of Ivy league Colleges.