Public Speaking & Debate:

2016 onward, the NSDA allows students to participate in the nationals only through their school (as opposed to clubs such as Ivy GuruKul). In the past 3 years, Ivy GuruKul trained students have excelled at tournaments such as the Yale Invitational, The Harvard Debate Tournament, and the Nationals (NSDA) among others.

Ivy GuruKul Students at the Nationals During the Years 2015 and Earlier 

June 2015: National Speech & Debate Tournament, Dallas, TX

1. Atharva Kasar - Impromptu Speech (Finalist - 3rd Place. Lost 2nd place in tiebreaker).

2. Anson Aerath - Declamation (Finalist - 3rd Place).

3. Ervin Williams - Poetry Interp. (Finalist - 4th Place).

4. Suchritha Patlolla - Congressional Debate (Finalist).

5. 10 Semifinalists & 17 Quarterfinalists.

August 2014: NSF National Finals, UT Dallas, TX

1. Sairam Vinjamuri - Extemp. Speech (National Champion -High School Div.) 

June 2014: National Speech & Debate Tournament, Kansas City, KS

1. Ashika Jalagam - Congress Debate (Finalist).

2. Ravitej Chilukuri - Congress Debate (Finalist).

3. Suchritha Patlolla - Congress Debate (Finalist).

4. Nalin Gardilla - Original Oratory (Finalist - 3rd Place).

5. Ravitej Chilukuri - Declamation (Finalist)

6. 13 semifinalists & 19 quarterfinalists.

August 2013: NSF National Finals, Duke University, Durham, NC

1. Sophia Chirayil - Speech (High School Div. - 2nd) 

June 2013: National Speech & Debate Tournament, Birmingham, AL

1. Karthik Irakam - Congress Debate (Final).

2. Dairath Majumdar- Congress Debate (Final).

3. Ashika Jalagam - Declamation (SF).

4. Abhirami Elayidom - Declamation (QF).

5. Sairam Vinjamuri - Original Oratory (QF).

June 2012: National Speech & Debate Tournament Indianapolis, IN

1. Tej Singh - Original Oratory (Final - 3rd).

2. Karthik Irakam - Declamation (SF).

3. Abhirami Elayidom - Declamtion (QF).


College Admissions Guidance + Ivy League Track: 

From the high school graduating classes of 2017 & 2018, we have had students from our two programs (Ivy League Track and/or College Applications Guidance) admitted to colleges such as Princeton, Yale, Penn (Wharton Undergrad), Columbia, Cornell, Brown, UC Berkeley, CMU, NYU, Georgia Tech and others. 

Leadership Beyond School:

Multiple Ivy GuruKul students have been inspired to pursue and successfully attain leadership positions beyond the walls of a regular high school. For example, during 2015 & 2016, five Ivy GuruKul students were elected to the Marlboro Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) - a 10 member executive committee that represents approx. 2,000 teenagers in the Marlboro Township, NJ government. 

These 5 outstanding student leaders are: 
  1. Gaurav Singh
  2. Tej Singh
  3. Nikhil Kalyanraman
  4. Riddhi Singh
  5. Arjun Malik

Sports: Golf, Crew/Rowing etc.

Although Ivy GuruKul no longer directly coaches students in sports, we strongly recommend to students in our Ivy League Track program to give two specific sports (Golf and Crew/Rowing) a special consideration for various reasons. At least 4 IGK students have excelled at one or both of the above sports at the state, national, or even international level.

  1. Kashish Malik
  2. Mihir Roperia
  3. Riddhi Singh
  4. Tej Singh