We have students from more than 25 states in the United States and around the world. 

Public Speaking & Debate Program

The 2015-16 School Year Program will run from September 14th, 2015 to June 15th, 2016.

Foundation Program Students go through 2 below Speech Cycles:

a. 5 Weeks of Impromptu Speech followed by a Tournament.

b. 5 Weeks of Business Pitch (Shark Tank Style) followed by a Tournament.

Advance Program Students can choose from:  

a. Advance Impromptu (National Championship Style).

b. Extemp. Speech.

c. Original Oratory.

d. Declamation.

e. AGD (Attention Getting Devices).

f. Free Speech / Tech Talk.

g. Interviewing Skills.

h. Congressional Debate.

Each 5 week speech cycle is followed by a formal Tournament.  

How Does the Public Speaking & Debate Program Work?

1. Weekly 1-hr. class with speakers of your own age and skill level.

2. For 5 weeks, during each session, students stand up to rehearse their own speech or debate with others and then critic other performances.

3. Every 6th week, students participate in a Face2Face Public Speaking & Debate Tournament at a local hotel booked by Ivy Gurukul.

4. At the above national championship style tournaments, medals are awarded, speeches are video-recorded, and parents / friends are invited. 

5. In the following week's class, tournament performances are critiqued.

The Ivy GuruKul Advantage:

Mixed Delivery Model: Via live video conference + F2F tournament every 6th week. Small class size of 8 students (free trial class). Highly qualified & experienced coaches and mentors. Dr. Dan Bloomingdale: Ph.D. - Communications / Linguistics, Former Director of Speech & Debate at various universities in the US, 35 years of experience in teaching speech & debate. Kapoor Singh (Coach K): Harvard Trained, Founder, and Director of Curriculum.

• Ease of scheduling a make-up session in case you miss your regular class. Multiple classes are held every day. Parents can sit in the class and watch. This comes handy when your child needs help during personal practice sessions. Eliminates commute, which is a deal-breaker for working parents or high-achieving students trying to get more done in less time.

• In a typical class of 8 students, everyone is watching everyone live and providing feedback. The instructor demonstrates, critiques every performance, and shows/analyzes videos of previous national champions. 

• Your instructor is watching you on a large screen HD TV. You can do the same i.e. hookup your laptop to your HD television. Every 6th week, student gather, typically at a local hotel, to compete against each other. Parents are invited to watch.

Did You Know... 

The fear of public speaking ranks as the #1 fear; even ahead that of death. 75% of the world's population exhibits symptoms thus causing them to miss out on academic, social, and career opportunities. Top schools such as Yale, Kellogg, NYU Stern, and Wharton have started asking for video essays or have introduced group interviews in their admissions process. This is a wake up call for students to get comfortable speaking in a group.

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