The Ivy GuruKul College Admissions Guidance program has three main components/options to cater to students' needs at different stages of their middle/high school career:

  1. Ivy League Track (ILT): 6th-11th Grade; 1-on-1 Guidance. 
  2. Common Sense Approach (CSA) to College Admissions: 8th-9th Grade; 10 Group Sessions.
  3. College Applications: 12th Grade; Choose from Hourly or Comprehensive Unlimited Guidance.  


Ivy League Track (6th-11th Grade)


The ILT offers 1-on-1 guidance to 6th-11th grade students and their parents in identifying students' core strengths. Academic excellence alone is not enough to win in the college admissions game; it's rather a prerequisite. Factors that provide that quintessential edge are: leadership, good citizenship, extracurricular activities such as sports, research, work experience, internships, intellectual curiosity, national/international awards, and even a little bit of quirkiness. The ILT's goal is to help students experiment with many but focus on a few talents sooner rather than later. An Ivy GuruKul student is more likely to maximize her/his potential and become an interesting candidate for colleges. 

For most middle school students, we recommend one meeting/year to evaluate previous year's performance and set upcoming year's goals based on individual talents and interests.

For high school students (in some cases starting in 8th grade), we recommend signing up for ILT Unlimited (i.e. unlimited access and guidance via video conference, phone, text, email etc.) simply because the stakes are higher and decision making can be quite nuanced with respect to choosing clubs, commitment to sports, leadership opportunities outside school, internships, research, academic contests, courses (esp. additional courses outside of school) etc.   

Premise of the Ivy League Track

Some students are born leaders and high achievers, while others become one by virtue of a series of small accomplishments through hard work and persistence. Through the ILT, we teach and motivate kids and parents to not only set short and long term goals and work diligently to achieve them, but also help find answers to a wide range of questions such as:

• Are you an ethical and hard working student, a good neighbor, and a responsible citizen?  Proceed further only if you can honestly answer yes to these 3 questions. 

• What Extra–curricular activities match your personality?

• Is sports your 'thing'? If yes, what kind - individual or team? How much is too much or too little?

• Are you on track to become a recruited athlete? Our data-based research might surprise you.

• Is being 'well-rounded' a thing of the past? 

• Do you really need to take all the available AP classes?  

• Are you even pursuing the right colleges?