College Applications (12th Grade): 


Starts on June 1st (Jr. Year Summer); Option to choose from an Unlimited or an Hourly Guidance program. 

The Ivy GuruKul College Applications Guidance programs provides mentoring in below areas:

  1. Shortlisting Match, Reach, and Safety Colleges
  2. Unlimited guidance for submission of first 3 applications. Additional $500/college after that.
  3. Guidance in brainstorming, drafting, editing: Personal Statement, College Specific Essays, Extracurricular Activity Sheet, Additional Information section, Intended Major etc. 
  4. Presentation of Supplemental Material such as personal websites, video clips/montage, and writing samples etc.
  5. Guidance in Requests for Recommendation Letters - Teachers, Counselor, Additional Rec. Letters
  6. Research Abstract
  7. Resume
  8. Letter of Continued Interest for Deferred/Wait-listed applications.
  9. Mock interview 
  10. Selecting College from the Accepted List

Students seeking guidance in their college applications process are asked to prepare a Google Doc with detailed information under below suggested headings: 

1. Academics (9-12 Grade): Courses in School, Course outside of School (Online, Community College, Universities, Self-Studied AP etc.), GPA (Unweighted & Weighted), Rank (if available), Standardized Test Scores (PSAT, SAT, Subject Tests, AP's, IB etc.), Academic Honors/Awards (in and out of school)

2. Extracurricular: Sports, Drama, Debate, Robotics etc. (include awards Science Bowl/Olympiad Medalist)

3. Summer Programs Attended/Planned

4. Good Citizenship/Community Projects/Volunteering

5. Leadership Positions: Inside & Outside of School

6. Favorite Pastime

8. Reading Interests: Favorite Topics (Music, Films, Business, Current Events etc.), Favorite Website, Newspaper, Magazine,Three Favorite Novels (in and out of required reading for school) 

9. Passion for a Social/Political/Humanitarian Cause

10. Unique/Special Talents (e.g. 5 Languages Spoken, History Buff, Blogger with 100K readers etc.)

11. Three Adjectives that Describe You / Personality Traits: (Friendly, Outgoing, Inquisitive, Laid-back etc.)

12. Research

13. Internships

14. Work Experience 

15. List of 10-15 Universities (at least 3 each of Match, Reach, & Safety Colleges)