Ivy GuruKul is on a Mission...to inspire and nurture the leader in its students by motivating and coaching them to Communicate Well, Develop Supportive Social Connections & Create Value for Self and Others through three pillars of Personality Development:

1. Public Speaking & Debate

2. People Skills

3. Entrepreneurship

Our Ivy League Track Program...guides parents and students in identifying individual students' core strengths early on. Academic excellence alone is not enough to win in the college admissions game; it's rather a prerequisite. Factors that provide that quintessential edge are: leadership, good citizenship, extracurricular activities such as sports, research, work experience, internships, intellectual curiosity, national/international awards, and even a little bit of quirkiness. The ILT's goal is to help students experiment with many but focus on a few talents sooner than later. An Ivy GuruKul student is more likely to maximize her/his potential and become an interesting candidate for colleges.