Ivy GuruKul is the creation of Kapoor Singh, also known as Coach K to his students. He is a strong advocate of coaching and motivating kids for success. He developed interest in public speaking and sports during middle school and pursued them both passionately thereafter.

Coach K's love for speech & debate, sparked by one of his middle school English teachers, was further fueled when, to fulfill 'communications requirements' for his Master's degree at Harvard, he chose a semester long course called The Art & Practice of Public Speaking.

Structured environment of the residential school he attended from the age of 12 helped him develop excellent time management skills very early on. This enabled him to pursue track & field even while studying civil engineering at NIT Kurukshetra. In the early 1990s, he represented India at the international level as its national champion at 400 meters hurdles.

Coach K has worked with top 10 world-ranked Olympian athletes as their mentor and manager.  He considers himself fortunate to have been part of various mega sporting events such as the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the 1998 Asian Games.

Three lessons he strives to instill in all his students are those of commitment, self-belief, and time management.