Can Children Overcome Their Worst Fear Before It's Too Late?

We live in a society where we are constantly connected to our smartphones – they make it easy for us to send a few quick texts, they let us instantly connect on social media and they are making things quite difficult when it comes to face-to-face interaction. Before the revolution of smartphones entered our lives, we didn't rely too much on the little device in our pocket and that essentially forced us to use our people skills on a daily basis.

While there are plenty of shy people who are uncomfortable in social situations, the lack of phone tech helped them interact with others and that lends a hand to public speaking confidence. But now, kids who were born during the wake of the smartphone explosion (post 2000s), are at a disadvantage, especially those who fear public speaking engagements because face-to-face interaction has decreased and those valuable people skills aren't being developed.

This is contributing to a big problem because these children who will go on to attend college and eventually enter the workforce will face some challenges. In fact, major colleges and universities like Yale, Wharton, Kellogg and others are starting to ask applicants to submit video essays or attend a round of group interviews during the admission process. This leaves the door wide open for other schools to follow suit and that should be an eye opener. And 75% of the world's population (that's 3 out of 4 people!) experience some symptoms associated with the fear of public speaking, which can result in missed opportunities in academic, career and social settings.

In order for children to have every opportunity to succeed, it's more important than ever before to take action immediately by giving them the tools they need to overcome their fears of public speaking.

The Phobia Facts

Before we dive into a solution, lets a take look at some interesting facts about public speaking. Public speaking is the number one phobia and it's called glossophobia; what's interesting is that it outranks necrophobia, also known as the fear of death. The thing about fearing public speaking is that it starts during childhood and stems from shyness, which means it'll continue to worsen when not addressed. However, the anxiety can be broken down when children are taught public speaking skills and no one can be too old to overcome the fear!

Speaking Of A Solution

Whether the goal is to speak in front of two people or 2,000, it's the art of connecting with the audience and building up the confidence to communicate your thoughts and ideas in an authentic way that's true to yourself. The thing that has to be kept in mind is that change doesn’t happen overnight, it requires patience, practice and interaction with others. This is where parents can take advantage of public speaking and debate programs that are geared for children because it'll group them with others of the same age and skill level. It'll give the whole group the same goal, where all the kids can work towards overcoming their fears together and progress without feeling left behind.

One of the easiest ways parents can help their children get on a path to success is through the enrollment of public speaking classes. Such classes combine online instruction with real-time video conferencing from an experienced mentor and in-person, face-to-face events held every few weeks. Give your child the tools they need to overcome their fears and sign them up for Ivy League public speaking classes by calling 609-705-5018 today!